Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The klish-1.5.0 is out


The brackets (...) is not mandatory now in select PTYPE. By default the value will be equal to entered string.

Add global variables subsystem. New tag VAR describes variable that can be used within expandable strings (ACTION, test field, etc.). The variable can be static (it will be evaluated once) and dynamic (it will be evaluated on every using).

The completion field of PARAM tag was implemented. It gives possible completions (show on tab key) for current PARAM. The VARs can be used as an argument for completion field.

The -h options for konfd's protocol. It defines the max depth of output for the --dump command.

Multiline input. Terminal resize is possible. Fix del and backspace keys.

Command logging is implemented. All klish commands can be logged into the syslog files.

Idle timeout. The session can be closed after the idle timeout.

Watchdog. You can turn watchdog on. Then all klish commands will be considered as dangerous. And if no key is pressed the klish will execute WATCHDOG's ACTION after watchdog timeout. The ACTION can be reboot for example.

Multiply groups in access field of COMMAND tag. Access fields for the view and namespaces.

Thanks to Michal Turek, Camilo Arboleda, Arun Sharma, Rahul Panwar, Lynn Scott and the others for the contribution and bug reporting.

The API for the builtin functions was changed. It gets full context now.

Bugfix and optimizations.